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Unblock Access to MSN Video Player

MSN Media PlayerMSN Video Player is Microsoft’s online on-demand video player featuring BBC programs, as well as news and videos on entertainment, sports, lifestyle and the automobile industry. However the website’s content is available only to viewers in the UK on copyright grounds. The website’s servers are set to automatically block visitors outside the UK and render them unable to explore its content. This is due to the servers being able to recognize their IP addresses and therefore their locations outside of the UK.


Fortunately, you can change an IP address in order to unblock MSN Video Player. Virtual private networks (VPNs) offer this possibility and it costs no more than a few dollars per month. To unblock access to MSN Video Player, select a VPN and register with it. A host of VPNs are available online, with unlimited bandwidth for high quality streaming. A VPN will supply you with a new, UK-based IP address so that the website’s servers will perceive your request for connection as if coming from the UK. Therefore their servers will unblock access to MSN Video Player in a few minutes, and you will be able to connect from anywhere.


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