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Unblock Access to Songza Anywhere

SongzaSongza is a free-membership music website offering playlists on various themes and occasions compiled by music experts. Its features are, however, geo-restricted, which means that it offers access only to listeners residing in the USA and Canada. Songza can determine your location when trying to log in by tracking your IP address. If you are trying to log in coming from outside the US and Canada, it will block your access. In order to unblock access to Songza anywhere, you need to provide the website with an American or Canadian IP.


Virtual private networks, or VPNs, are a good choice for gaining access to streaming websites, such as Songza. They provide unlimited bandwidth for streaming and don’t cost more than a few dollars per month. What VPNs do is provide you with a new IP address that bypasses Songza’s servers because they detect your new IP as if it’s coming from an unrestricted area. There are many VPN services to choose from online to suit your needs. It’s a permanent and quick solution to unblock access to Songza anywhere, legally and with great results.


+ Recommended VPN Service for Songza


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