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Unblock A&E Outside the US

A&E On Demand LogoA&E’s website boasts a number of leading TV channels such as History, Lifetime, the Biography Channel and it lets you stream the hottest TV series, sitcoms, sports and other programming. Despite this American-based company’s international presence, you might encounter difficulties accessing this content upon entering a country outside the U.S., even if you are a subscriber.

The problem lies in licensing rights and the fact that A&E might block access from, say, Romania, or any number of international airports. A&E’s servers can pick up your location via your IP address and thus prevent access.


The story doesn’t have to end there. You can unblock A&E outside the U.S. by using a simple, legal trick. A virtual private network service lets you log into U.S. servers to get an American IP address wherever you may be. Select one, such as Hide My Ass, get its app, get a new IP by simply picking a U.S. server and click connect. Then you may access A&E as if you were located in the US (or other acceptable locations). By virtually residing in the U.S. you can unblock A&E outside the U.S.!


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