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Unblock Film 4 Outside the UK

Film 4 LogoThe British certainly know good films. U.K.-based Film 4 is a website offering true gems of cinema. Unfortunately, they limit their services to those located in the United Kingdom; so when you go on holiday to Spain Film 4 on Demand will display an apology instead of your favorite film.

The website detects your location in Spain through your computer’s IP address. Film 4 then prevents you from accessing its films due to international legal arrangements that stipulate that the website can only make its content available to viewers in the UK.


That doesn’t mean you have to be on a film-free diet while you’re outside the U.K. You can unblock Film 4 outside the U.K. by signing up for a virtual private network service. VPN services, such as Hide My Ass, function by giving you access to U.K.-based servers, thus giving you a U.K. IP address.

In fact, any content on the web can be accessed and streamed with premium quality through a VPN. At just a few dollars per month, a VPN is a cost-effective, effortless and quick way to unblock Film 4 outside the U.K.


+ Recommended VPN Service for Film 4

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