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Best VPN Services For Android

best vpn for android

So when it comes to VPN services for Android, there really is no Best PVN for Android, because most VPN services support Android phones and tablets. Really, where would any business be in the phone and internet business if they didn't support Android devices.  But there are a few things to consider when choosing a VPN service.

Android VPN Apps:

Each service has its own style of app. Some are easy to install, some are not. Some only work for PPTP, some have L2TP support as well. It's hard to describe these things without using very vague words like “good”, or “bad”, so I just chose my favorites based on personal preference. I of course was mainly looking for an app that was easy to use, and provided me with a fast connection. All services listed below have great apps.


No matter how much you pay for a VPN service, the technology is pretty much the same. A cheap PPTP VPN for Android is going to provide you with the same level of protection as an expensive one. But speed is an issue, and pretty often the cheaper VPN services are overloaded with other money-savers. Server quality and maintenance also counts for a lot, and this is a big reason for my #1 choice. Below I've provided a range of prices and a few comments on speed.


This is where most VPN services differ greatly – their policies on privacy. If you are using a VPN to change your IP and access blocked sites, then this won't really affect you, and you can concentrate on price vs speed. However, if you are using a VPN for privacy, then things like logs, timestamps, torrent policy, and others will suddenly become very interesting.

None of the VPN services listed here keep data logs. That's a good thing.

4/5 VPN services listed here have time stamping policies to weed out abusive users. Privacy-oriented people will not be happy about that, but consider this: IAPS had to shut down 5 servers in the past couple weeks because of people using their VPN servers to distribute spam.

But because privacy is a big deal in the VPN world, I've included a service (Private Internet Access) that does not keep any logs OR timestamps. They keep NO records of any kind. It is very popular because of these policies. Some people are skeptical of such claims, and have speculated that they log more than they say. VyprVPN also runs a service called VyprDNS which claims to log nothing at all, including time stamps, IPS, and other typical indicators.


Top Rated VPN Services for Android


PandaPow1. PandaPow

Not enough can be said about how easy it is to install the PandaPow software on all supported OS, Android included.  PandaPow simplifies selecting, purchasing, and installing a VPN.  They've got low prices, discounts, and easy to use software for choosing VPN server locations.

  • $7 – $9 per month
  • Servers in the US, UK, Europe
  • Great Customer Support
  • PPTP, L2TP

—–> Full Review of PandaPow

—–> Try PandaPow for 7 days


HMA2. Hide My Ass

HMA does great with with Android OS.  What gets HMA into many top VPN lists is the fact that they have such a huge server network, with over 300 VPN servers in 75 countries, and they're still growing. You get access to the whole server network for a few dollars a month, and even get a 1 month trial period to test the service.

  • $6.55 – $11.52 per month
  • Servers in 54 countries across N. America, S. America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, & the Middle East
  • Choose VPN servers based on speed
  • Free web based proxy

—–> Full Review of HMA

—–> Try HMA for 30 days


Private Internet Access Review from Mr. VPN3. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is extremely popular among privacy advocates because of their strict and clear policy on privacy. They do no keep any logs of any kind. How's that for clear and concise? They also have very fast VPN servers, and are one of my all time favorite VPN services. Don't be scared of their super-weird website with kids wearing helmets, or the lack of bells and whistles. They do privacy, not graphic design.

  • Prices start at $3.32 per month
  • Servers in US, UK, and More
  • Very fast VPN Servers
  • Very private VPN Service

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—–> Get Private Internet Access Here