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VPN for Samsung Galaxy Note

vpn for Samsung Galaxy Note


Samsung Galaxy Note:

Samsung Galaxy Note is a phone-tablet hybrid with larger screen and intuitive features. It is considered to be the most anti iPhone device. The device runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS.  Samsung Galaxy Note is slightly larger than your regular SmartPhone. The 5.3” inch screen is the biggest feature of Samsung Galaxy Note.

Samsung has designed the Galaxy Note in such a way that user is able to view maximum at a glance with less transitions. The Samsung Galaxy Note also offers the best multi-input experience. The S-Pen provided with the device features an advanced pen input technology that includes speed, preciseness and pressure sensitivity.

Internet is an open network and transmitting data over Internet can be a risky affair, the reason businesses use VPN to connect to their corporate network. VPN which stands for Virtual Private Network uses some Internet nodes to connect to other private networks of computers in a secured manner.

PPTP which stands for Point to Point Tunneling protocol is one of the important protocols of VPN that was developed by Microsoft. PPTP is very easy to configure and offers secure connection medium to transfer data between one VPN node to other.  In simple words, in PPTP an invisible tunnel is created through the Internet using the Point to Point tunnel protocol that can only be used by you or specific networks (users).  One of the problem with PPTP is it does not provide encryption or confidentiality.  It depends on tunneling protocol to secure data during transmission.


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