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VPN for Sony Xperia S

VPN for Sony Xperia S

Sony Xperia S:

Sony Xperia S is an ultra stylish Smartphone that is bound to attract second looks. When the Xperia S was launched, it ran Android 2.3 Gingerbread. However newer handsets now run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

The Xperia S features a 4.3 inch LCD screen capable of displaying videos at 720p HD resolution. The Sony Xperia S   is packed with high tech features such as an HDMI port to display output to HDTV’s. Other notable features of Sony Xperia S include a dual core 1.5GHZ processor and 1GB RAM. The Sony Xperia S   features an interesting piece of software, Power Saver App that is designed to conserve battery power.

Many people fail to understand the concept of VPN (Virtual Private Network).  Virtual Private Network does not mean privately owned network. The VPN terminology involves use of public communication infrastructure to connect to a network. In VPN setup data travelling through the public network is secured by tunneling protocol and use of other security procedures.

VPN is more or less like the use of private leased lines where only one company reserves a part of telecommunication network exclusively for transfer of data. VPN, on other hand does not reserve part of telecommunication network exclusively but uses tunneling protocol to achieve safe and secure transmission of data over the public telecommunication network.

Privates leased lines are extremely costly while VPN services are available at a fractional cost. The reasons for which organizations prefer VPN over other networking terminologies are scalability and cost.  It helps businesses to save money in different ways such as businesses are not required to have expensive long-distance leased lines. VPN also unloads support costs and reduce long distance telephone charges.

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