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Watch Hulu in Hong Kong

Hong Kong


Hulu is not available outside the US except in Japan. The Hulu in Japan in a Japanese version, meaning the only English version of Hulu that has American TV shows and movies is the original, US version of Hulu. To access Hulu in Hong Kong, you need to change your IP address.

The IP address of your computer is like your home's address. It tells other computers where to send information, and allows you to send information to other computers. When Hulu wants to ‘send' you a TV show via streaming, they see your address in Hong Kong and deny you service.

You can change this address by putting a detour between your computer and Hulu.


Virtual Private Networks


VPNs sound pretty complicated, and they can be, if you use them for business or other types of private communications. But using a VPN to change your IP is quite simple. In fact, watch as I change my IP below in the video. I'm not sure if YouTube is available in Hong Kong, so I will attach the Vimeo version of this video.



VPN services can be used for recreational activities like streaming TV from foreign countries. VPN services have servers located in various countries around the world. Choosing an IP from a country of your choice is as simple as selecting one from a drop down menu and clicking connect. Your data is then streamed through a private, secure server in that country.


US IP Address


To stream Hulu, you need a US IP address. US IP addresses are available at most VPN services because they're in demand. The United States has lots of popular websites that are blocked outside their borders, either by the websites' firewalls or by foreign countries' governments. Regardless of the reason or how, VPNs can usually bypass these firewalls.


Top 5 VPN Services in Asia




Sometimes, Hulu is finicky and doesn't like to let you stream through your VPN service. It might detect your shared IP, or it might remember your old IP. If this happens, clear you cookies, clean your cache, and maybe even change browsers (use Firefox if you normally use Chrome or vice versa). Here are some details on what to do if Hulu is still not streaming for you.

Also, remember that most services come with a money back guarantee, so if you can't get Hulu no matter why you try, you can get a refund and choose another service. Not all VPN services work for all people or all regions in the world, so it could take you a few tries. Normally you won't have to, but I just want to give you fair warning.


Here are three reviews of VPN services that have worked well for streaming TV (for me).

Hide My Ass





My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

Check out my reviews for them here: HideMyAss | PureVPN