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VPN Updates Fall 2013: VyprVPN, 12VPN, IPVanish, PandaPow

Autumn VPN Updates

This year has been a whirlwind of change for many VPN services. It seemed that the race was on for faster, cheap, and larger VPN networks for all of 2013. The truth is, I had a hard time keeping up. Just about every week I received an email about new country locations, new apps being released, new servers, and discounts to be had.

Gearing up for Cyber Monday, a time which you will no doubt see most VPN services offering discounts, I wanted to catch up with everyone and see what's happened with a few of the networks that have changed significantly.



VyprVPN expanded their network by huge proportions this year, and they don't seem to be slowing down. One of my main criticisms of their service in previous reviews was a lack of choice of VPN location. Well, I certainly can't say that now.

VyprVPN Country Locations 2


Another AWESOME thing you need to know is that they developed and released apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. This is something that most competitors have slacked on this year. Many have left Mac and iOS without apps for whatever reason. VyprVPN is not the only VPN service with VPN apps for these operating systems, but they definitely have the most comprehensive setup and professional interface.


They have also added a live chat support feature to their website. Lots of services have added this recently – in fact, for a long time StrongVPN was the only service with a Live Support feature. This is no longer the case. Live support can be essential when signing up for a VPN for the first time or when experiencing technical issues. Check out my VyprVPN Full Review or sign up below.


Sign Up for VyprVPN Here



12VPN has stayed relatively the same for the past couple of years – a lot more so than other services.  However, they recently revamped their pricing system. They are now selling 3 different pricing packages, and all packages have a reduced price. The 12VPN lite package is what I signed up for over 6 years ago when I lived in China. It's available at a HUGE discount of just $39 per year. The downside is that you are limited to 100GB of data per month. They also offer a US only server package and a World VPN package which come with unlmited data transfer. You can see the pricing below or read the full 12VPN review here.


12VPN New Pricing


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IPVanish is another network that went though some huge changes this year, expanding from less than 10 country locations to their current 44 country locations

IPVanish VPN Server Locations


They also completed their Android VPN software to go along with their already available Mac and Windows apps. I think they also reduced their prices, but that was a while ago. I can't actually remember at the moment, but just to catch everyone up to speed, here are their current prices for VPN subscriptions at IPVanish.


ipvanish prices

Read the full review of IPVanish here or sign up below


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One last service that's worth mentioning is PandaPow. They had a bit of trouble with the great firewall in China earlier this year, but recovered nicely, and are still my #1 recommendation for users in China. They too have expanded their network to include more countries. Unfortunately, they don't have a nice picture of it, but you can see the new list below:

PandaPow Server Locations

They have also updated their apps for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows, making them another service that includes apps for all of the most popular operating systems.

PandaPow Apps


Read the full review of PandaPow on MrVPN or sign up below.


Sign Up for PandaPow


Photo Credit: Elescir


My current VPN Recommendation is VyprVPN! It's inexpensive, secure, and trustworthy, and they have one of the best mobile apps in the industry.

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