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VyprVPN + A Seriously Cool Dump Truck Promotion

Dump Truck LogoI've covered VyprVPN in the past with a review and other updates, but today I'm excited about a new promotion they're running over at Golden Frog.

5 Gigabytes of FREE storage space on Dump Truck, their cloud storage service.

Free is Free, and ANYONE who signs up can get 5 Gigabytes of free storage. There are of course options to upgrade as well.

Here's my analysis of Dump Truck so far.


The Good

Good Features

Golden Frog Control Panel

Rather than have to jump back from Dump Truck to VyprVPN, if you have both accounts, you can control everything from the Golden Frog Control panel. This makes seeing your account information, storage data, and other options easy to access, change, and update. It's very convenient.

Security in Mind

As usual, Golden Frog has got security and privacy on their mind, so all uploading, downloading, and sharing is guarded with 256-bit encryption, passwords, and privacy features.



As with other products from Golden Frog, it's obvious that they put a lot of work into design and functionality, and are continuing to improve their service. Dump Truck certainly is easy to use and has a great design.


Great in Combination With Usenet

Golden Frog has also partnered with a company called Giganews, which is a Usenet service. These three products fit well together, so if Usenet is your thing, Golden Frog's products are a great option. With all three, you'd get the privacy and security of a VPN, access to one of the largest and most popular Usenet providers in the world, plus a place to store & share all your files.

Dump Truck Mobile App

Mobile Integration

They just launched their iOS app, so Dump Truck is now available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. In addition to apps for each of these OS, there's also a web based app, which means you can access your stuff anywhere.


Options For More Space

Paid options are available for those that need more space, you can choose 50, 100, 200, or 500 GB options, which are paid monthly, so no long commitments are needed.


Drag & Drop function

What's easier than dragging and dropping files you want to store?


No Data Duplication

This is an important feature for anyone who is serious about cloud storage.  Many services look into users data to find duplicate files uploaded by more than one user. If more than one copy exists, only one version is stored. This results in compromising your data, and your privacy. Dump Truck does not do this.


No Ads

Nobody likes ads. Period.

Everything Under One Roof

This is my favorite feature. Using their servers, their network, as well as apps & software they developed, everything integrates seamlessly. The results are a more private, more secure, and more reliable ecosystem.


The Bad

Le Bad

No WordPress Integration

For me, most of my storage is for backing up my websites. I usually use Dropbox for this because it integrates with my WordPress sites to backup automatically. I filled up my free space there very quickly, and then moved to Google Drive. Google Drive also integrates with WordPress for backup, and I'm running out of space there. I was hoping for a similar thing with Dump Truck, but as of now there's no way to automatically back up my sites to my account. Of course I could do it manually, but that's no fun.



Everyone uses Dropbox

Granted it's a new service, so I can't blame them, but for sharing files, everyone knows and uses Dropbox. If I contract work on one of my sites, Dropbox is the name that comes up 99% of the time.

Some people use Google Drive, but mostly because everyone has a Gmail account, and it the Google Drive account is included in the signup process. Honestly, Google Drive is terrible. But my point is that even with a Dump Truck account, I'll still need to keep my Dropbox account.



Final Decision

I think for long term, high quality, private & secure cloud storage, Dump Truck is a great choice.  They just need more time to get a stronger user base.  Still, even if you don't make it your main cloud based storage service, 5 gigs is cool to have for sharing and other incidental storage needs that comes up.


Get a Free Dump Truck Account

Read the full VyprVPN Review

Sign Up For Giganews (Diamond Plan includes 30GB Storage from Dump Truck)



My current VPN Recommendation is VyprVPN! It's inexpensive, secure, and trustworthy, and they have one of the best mobile apps in the industry.

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