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Watch Amazon On Demand Outside The USA


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Sometimes you are just in the mood to sit down and watch a certain movie or television show. Its three AM and nothing good is on television. All of the movie rental stores are closed. You do a bit of research and come across Amazon On Demand, which will allow you to instantly nearly any movie or television show you can think of. You are ready to dive in and purchase the service – but you come to an abrupt stop.

Little did you know, you cannot watch Amazon On Demand Outside The USA. You have no access to all those movies and television shows you wanted for the sole reason of where you are located.

Fortunately, there is something called a VPN that will allow you access not only Amazon On Demand, but anything that is available in the United States and not in other parts of the world. Here is how it works. You sign up with a company that gives you a secure address.

They use encryption that makes it impossible for people or companies to find out where you are truly located. There is a monthly or yearly fee, but you have access to servers all over the world. Though this is used for privacy and security, we can use it just to change our IP and access blocked websites.

Depending on how much you think you’ll use a VPN to stream and surf, there are many different companies that will cater to your needs. Some people prefer a more secure VPN like L2TP or OpenVPN. Others require the fast streaming speeds of PPTP. Either way, be sure they give you access to US IP addresses. You need this to access Amazon on Demand (update: now known as Amazon Prime).


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