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Watch BBC One Outside The UK


United Kingdom

BBC One is one of the most popular channels in the UK region. The top five shows last year in 2010 were Eastenders, The 2010 World Cup, Strictly Come Dancing, Come Fly With Me and Doctor Who. Each of these shows had millions of viewers, not including those viewers in countries other than the UK.   Though you can see these shows on local television stations (depending on your country), getting access to BBC One is more difficult because you can’t watch BBC One outside the UK.


Unblock UK Websites with VPN Software


The reason why this can’t be done is that BBC One’s online programming is restricted to computers or Internet capable devices that register an IP address in the UK region.  Viewers in these areas pay license fees for TV viewing, so are entitled to also watch the BBC One online shows for free. But, since other places don’t pay these fees, rules and regulations say they aren’t allowed to access the network.


How Can You Watch BBC One Outside the UK?


However, there are companies that have servers in the UK that provide subscriptions to virtual private networks or VPNs. These encrypt a user’s Internet traffic and redirect it through servers which are actually in the UK, so are allowed to broadcast UK Internet IPs. So, if you subscribe to a VPN, you can access many UK streaming TV sites like the BBC.

This is easy to do, and all you must do is choose a VPN provider and sign up for their monthly services, ie the ability to connect to their servers in The UK. These are fairly  inexpensive, usually only costing about $6 to $20 a month in most cases.


After you sign up for the services of a UK VPN server, then you get a password and login for their services. With that in place, you just have to login and then sign on to the BBC One online TV website and you can start streaming

Another advantage of a VPN is that it helps to protect the user from being invaded by identity theft or other types of malicious traffic since the connection is secure. So, even if you don’t want to need to stream TV online, a VPN can be a great tool for protecting your Internet usage if you are trying to connect through a public WiFi connection or other connection that may not be secure.


Top 5 VPN Services for The UK



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