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Watch CBS outside the USA

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CBS is one of the most classic television channels of modern America. It’s one of those channels we turn to immediately when you plop down on the couch after work. There are shows for the whole family that are so popular that you can discuss them with nearly any of your friends. CSI, Big Brother,  Survivor and How I Met Your Mother are just a few of the top shows.

A few of these shows, like Survivor for instance are shows that are sequential and air weekly. If you miss one episode you could be out of the loop. That’s why watching episodes online is a great option for people who can’t always be around for the time slot. On top of this, these shows are widely popular, but for the most part, aren’t as accessible in other countries. If you are trying to watch CBS outside the USA, video streaming online is likely blocked.

CBS has a block on all foreign IP addresses because it is such a distinctly ‘American’ network. If you are from the US and trying to tune into your favorite shows, or just want a taste of popular American television, there is a way to get around the IP block. A VPN, or virtual private network, hides your IP address so and gives the appearance that you are from the US – no matter where you are actually located.

There are a few types of VPNs, but don't get confused. Choosing one is pretty simple.

iPhone and other smart phones cannot use SSL/OpenVPN.  Go ahead and stick with PPTP or L2TP which is available at most VPN services. Laptops and TVs or gaming consoles (which will be hooked up to your laptops)can use PPTP, L2TP, or OpenVPN. In most cases for streaming TV, you'll want to use PPTP because it's faster and easier to set up. OpenVPN is best for those concerned about privacy and security.


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My current VPN Recommendation is HideMyAss! It's inexpensive, secure, and trustworthy, and they have one of the best mobile apps in the industry.