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Watch Channel 4 Outside The UK


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UK Channel 4 made it possible back in 2009 to have access to their complete programming history via This was very exciting for UK fans of shows like Queer as Folk, Drop the Dead Donkey, Happy Ending, Greek, Perfect Couples or Hollyoaks or any of the other popular programs shown on this channel. The service is open to PC, Mac and Linux, but only if you are viewing them from inside the UK, because you can’t watch channel 4 outside the UK.


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The Problem


As soon as you log in to Channel 4’s website and try to click onto one of the channels like 4Music offering, or watch a current movie on Film4 or tune into video on demand on 4oD or any of the other Channel 4 Corporation offerings, you will merely get a message saying you can’t watch the program in that area if you aren’t physically in the UK.

Plus, they announced at that time that there was no plans to allow programming internationally outside the UK. This means of course, that  you can’t watch channel 4 outside the UK even if you're already a member of the site. So if you go abroad for a holiday, you're probably going to miss some new episodes of your favorite shows…unless…


The Solution


Tthere is a way to get around this problem and watch channel 4 outside the UK. It’s called a VPN or virtual private network. A VPN is like a cyber tunnel that allows the subscriber to connect  to a VPN server inside of The UK.

A VPN server works to cloak your IP address and make it seem as if you are logging in from that country. So, you'll need a VPN service provider that has servers in the UK. You could be in China, Africa, The USA – anywhere – and websites will think that you're in The UK.

This also means you'll be able to get access to other UK TV websites like BBC iPlayer.  The same works vice-versa, ie if you sign into a VPN server in The USA, you'll get access to Hulu and Netflix.


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