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Watch Demand 5 Outside The UK


United Kingdom

Demand 5 is an online service that allows countries in The UK to watch or download TV programs onto their computers or other Internet capable devices, but it doesn’t allow anyone to watch Demand 5 outside the UK. It was previously called Five Download and came about in June 2008. Today, as Demand 5,  and it is currently one of the most popular on demand TV streaming services in the UK region.


Unblock UK Websites with VPN Software


Several shows were popular when it first appeared, and some of these were US programs such as CSI, House and Grey’s Anatomy. The system even allowed these shows to be watched up to a week before they showed on regular TV  The channels on Demand 5 include Channel 5 and 5USA. There are of course popular UK shows available as well, none of which are accessible when your streaming device is outside the country. To access them, you need something called a VPN.


What is a VPN?


A VPN makes it possible for viewers outside the viewing area to log in to the services of Demand 5 or any other UK online viewing service through a virtual “tunnel” that transmits the subscriber’s Internet surfing through their computer servers located in the UK, thus making it appear as if the viewer trying to access the streaming content is actually there, in The UK. Then all the Demand 5 channels are made available.


This service is perfectly legal. All you have to do is pay the VPN provider’s monthly fee of between $6 and $20 in most cases. That isn’t much to pay in order to watch popular shows like Doctor Who, the Weakest Link or Eastenders.

A VPN is also a more secure way of surfing the Internet and encrypts and protects the subscriber’s traffic. This makes your surfing anonymous, as well as protecting you from malicious viruses or identity theft. So, you get two services in one product: you get to access streaming TV anywhere in the world, and your surfing activity becomes anonymous and protected.


VPNs are quite popular. There are not only servers in the UK, but UK viewers can subscribe to servers in the US and are thus able to log in to US websites that provide online services similar to Demand 5 – services like Hulu and Netflix.


Top 5 VPN Services for The UK



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