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Watch Hulu and Netflix Outside The USA on PS3



Hulu and Neflix both have subscription services that allow users to watch videos online from new and old TV shows, movies, and current TV episodes.  You can watch them on computers and phones easily. It's also possible on gaming consoles like a PS3. Below are some instructions and ideas for getting your Netflix & Hulu subscriptions working outside the USA on your PS3 console.


What is a VPN?


A VPN is a virtual connection to U.S. servers so that when you access either Netflix or Hulu it registers a U.S. IP address since the server you are connecting through is in the U.S. There are multiple VPN providers to choose from. They aren’t free, but prices only cost about $5 – $15 a month on average, which isn’t too bad if you watch a lot of movies and TV.




Via Your Laptop Computer


One popular setup method is via a shared internet connection with your laptop computer. There is a huge range of operating systems, and I have only covered on below (32 bit version of Windows XP). This is obviously out of date now (2013). However, I hope it can server as a starting point for experimenting and finding your own solution. I know that's a cop-out answer, but after reading tons of forums, guides, and watching videos on YT, it's clear to me that everyone's setup is a bit different.


If you find any mistakes or have a different method that works, feel free to correct/update my info in the comment section, or provide a link to the page you used.


Hulu Plus


One Setup Method


First, you will need a laptop or computer with access to the Internet. Then, download and install the VPN service provider’s software. Then, change the user agent filter to show a header name of “user-agent: firefox win 32” and change the value to Mozilla/5.0 Firefox/3.0.11 and make sure your local network settings are checked so that it allows connections.

A proxy server is a gateway between your PS3 and your Internet connection. It’s possible to use a proxy server with the PS3 through its Internet connections.

Look for the “settings” choice on the cross media bar on your PS3 and choose “Network Settings” and then click the “X” for your Internet Connection Settings. Click “yes” if you are already hooked up online you won’t see this choice.

Then choose the “Custom” option with the d-pad. Click the Right button on your PS3 controller, then pick “Auto-Detect” and click “Right.” Pick “Automatic IP” setting and then click onto “Right.” Then once you did that, pick “Do Not Set” on your DHCP host name screen. Then click “Right” three more times.

Click the Down key to pick “Use” on the Proxy Server screen. Click “Right.” Click “X” to bring up the PS3 virtual keyboard.

Now enter the proxy(you will have to get a proxy, but you can get free proxy addresses online by doing a search). Enter the Port number 8080. Click “Right.” Click to save.

Now, when you use your PS3 and connect to the Internet via the VPN service provider, then you should be able to watch Hulu and Netflix.


My Favorite VPN Services


Each VPN setup will be a bit different, so please contact their support team for instructions on how to set up the VPN on your PS3. StrongVPN has very good setup guides, so I think this is a good place to start


Another Method (Video Guide)



ibVPN is another great VPN service featured at Mr. VPN. They have been kind enough to provide a video guide on how to connect to Netflix via PS3. This is one of the easier methods I've seen (recently added: 2013). ibVPN is also a very inexpensive service, and has a wide variety of VPN packages based on your usage.


Full Review of ibVPN

Sign Up for ibVPN





My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

Check out my reviews for them here: HideMyAss | PureVPN