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Watch Hulu and Netflix Outside The USA on Xbox 360




Change Your IP


Hulu and Netflix are both services that provide streaming video to various devices. Their services are concentrated in the USA, but Netflix is available in some countries (a local version, not the US version) There is an app for Xbox 360 for watching Hulu and Netflix, but this app only works while in the US. To get around these restrictions you have to get creative.


Setup Requirements


The problem is that programming meant for US viewers can’t be seen overseas because of contracts and existing legal agreements. Your IP address will let them know where you are when you try to access your favorite program and it doesn’t matter if you have a Hulu or Netflix account, it still will only work in the U.S.

So, if you are outside the U.S. and want to be able stream US TV services, you must have an IP address from the U.S. We are going to need to set up a virtual private network, or VPN connection. You might be thinking of proxies right now, but proxies don't work for Hulu or Netflix.


Video Tutorial:



What is a VPN?


It's basically like an small internet within the big internet. Your real IP becomes private when you connect to the private server. This is a totally LEGAL thing to do. I've had several writers for this site refuse to write about VPNs because they think it's illegal. Your iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows computer all come with VPN connection capabilities. VPN services operate in the open. Business and schools use VPNs. They are NOT illegal.

Moving on –

You connect to a VPN server in the US. Your non-US IP becomes private and your data encrypted. Hulu and Netflix now see the IP address of the VPN server you are connected to. The content you are streaming takes a detour through the VPN server and to your device. If everything is set up correctly, you have a good VPN service, and a fast VPN server, you won't notice any difference in speed.




Setting up VPN on Xbox 360


In order to set up an Xbox 360 so it works with a VPN you need to have a wireless router, an Ethernet cross over cable, and a laptop with wireless and a LAN port plus an account with a VPN provider.


Then, once you sign up for the VPN of your choice, all you need to do is:
  1. Plug the Xbox 360 into a laptop with a cross over cable
  2. Set the Xbox 360 Dashboard IP settings and DNS settings to automatic
  3. Click onto the laptop start menu, click network, select properties, and you should be in the network and sharing section of the laptop.
  4. Click on manage network connections
  5. Click on Local Area Connection and select Properties
  6. Choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  7. Click  on Use the following IP address and put in the IP address of with a subnet mask of Be sure that the default gateway, the preferred DNS server, and the alternate DNS servers are all blank.
  8. Click on Your VPN properties
  9. Click on the sharing tab and choose allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.
  10. Under that is you home network connections info and in that drop down menu choose Local Area Connection (not your wireless connection).
  11. Be sure that establish a dial up connection is blank, as well as allow other network users to control. Both should be unchecked.
  12. Then click OK
  13. Confirm your laptop is connected to the Internet using your wireless connection and then that you are connected to your VPN provider.
  14. Do a network test on the Xbox Live and see if it works.


Hulu Plus


Now if all went well, you should be connected to the Internet and will be able to sttream Hulu and Netflix on you Xbox. There's a good chance that this won't work on the first time. Sorry guys, tech is just this way. That's why on this page I have provided 3 different tutorials (2 video, 1 written) for you to try. If these fail for whatever reason, you should contact your VPN support. Most services are pretty cool about helping you get set up, especially StrongVPN (live support).

Each VPN setup will vary because services have different configurations. Your version of Xbox may be different, and your OS is going to be another wildcard variable. It may take some time, but it is possible.


VPN Service Comparison Table 


Video Tutorial 2 :

This one has some super annoying music, but just in case the video AND written instructions don't work from above, it's worth taking a look at this one too. It's updated as of 2013, and sometimes newer is better!




My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

Check out my reviews for them here: HideMyAss | PureVPN