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Watch Hulu Europe


Hulu Outside the USA

Hulu, the Netflix of TV, is extremely popular around the world. In fact, it's been gaining popular since its inception in 2009.

But it's still unavailable in all countries outside the USA with the exception of Japan (and even then, it's Japanese shows, not American ones).

Hulu has very little competition with regards to its huge, and constantly growing database of TV shows. It's the ONE place online that has rights to play shows from multiple content sources. Many shows or TV networks have their own sites where you can view some shows, some of the time, but this of course has limited value for the avid TV watcher.

Basically, Hulu is the biggest and the best.


Hulu in Europe

Netflix has done a nice job of expanding overseas with a rapid pace, and though there are some complaints about language settings and a lack of content, at least Netflix has a start and can improve from there.

Hulu hasn't budged.

And not only are there no local versions of Hulu in Europe, but it's impossible to access the American version of Hulu outside the USA unless you are located on a military base.


VPNs and Hulu

A VPN is a kind of software that businesses use to create private connections between local servers and remote devices. A remote device uses a secure ‘tunnel' to access information on the server. This technology also changes the IP of the remote device.

We can use this IP changing tech to make it look like out laptops, smartphones, desktops, TVs, consoles, and other internet ready devices appear as if they are in a different location. This works to our advantage when trying to watch Hulu in Europe.

By connecting to a VPN server in the USA, Hulu then sees your device as being located in the USA instead of wherever you actually are. After connecting to the US based VPN, you effectively have an American IP address.


Problems Watching Hulu Outside the US

Many people think that watching Hulu outside the USA is “illegal”.

It is not.

What, did you think that Hulu would sue you or get the local police to break down your door?

Remember. You are not stealing content. You are not pirating content. Hulu's basic service is free, and if you are watching Hulu Plus, you are paying for the content.

That being said, Hulu does not work with most proxy services, and its compatibility with VPN services varies. Most services allow you to change servers for free, so if Hulu blocks your new IP for some reason, changing IP is simple.


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