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Watch Hulu Outside The USA

Hulu VPN

I started this website about 2 years ago, partly because I was living in China and using VPNs a lot to protect my information from the Chinese government. I soon learned that VPNs can be used to access streaming content that's normally restricted based on your IP address.

Some examples of websites that do this are Netflix, Hulu, HBO, iTunes, Pandora, the BBC, and Spotify.

There are many more, but I'm more with the American ones.

Back in 2011 there was a huge interest for watching Hulu outside the USA. Hulu even had a dedicated page that you could find in search saying that Hulu had no definite plans for expanding outside the US, but they were ‘working on it'.

There were even rumors that Hulu was coming to Europe or Canada at one time.

Two years later (now mid 2013), there's still no sign of Hulu's expansion, and their international page has not changed at all.

Netflix has since expanded to Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, and many European nations. Their eyes are now set on Asia.

What are you doing Hulu?


Proxies and VPNs

When Hulu launched in 2009 it quickly spread that Hulu could be accessed by changing your IP. Proxies were the popular method of the time because they were readily available, and many times free. Hulu, for whatever reason, was unhappy about all this international viewing (perhaps advertising costs or site bandwidth?) and they soon blocked these proxies.

They still say that ‘anonymizers' do not work for accessing the site, but they do no go into much detail about it.

In fact, VPNs still work.

VPNs are professional tools that are used to create a private connection over the internet. It's like a mini, secure internet within the larger, shared internet.

Because these are professional tools, they produce professional results. Their compatibility with Hulu varies because some VPN services have IPs that are more susceptible to getting their private IPs flagged as shared IPs. This is in part because some users abuse the system and use these IP addresses for spam. If this is the case, these IPs are soon retired and new IPs are created on the VPN servers.

Either way, most VPN services allow for unlimited IP switching, meaning that if one IP fails, you can try another one immediately. Some have even integrated a ‘change IP' button into their VPN software, meaning IP changing is easy and fast.


Connecting to a VPN

Though VPN technology sounds quite complicated, it's very easy to use. In fact, if you do not need any kind of skill to use one. Most have been designed to install and start up like any other kind of software you would install on your computer. Connecting to a VPN in the US is as simple as finding “USA” from a drop-down menu and hitting “connect”.

Remember that if you want to access Hulu, you will need to connect to a VPN server in the USA to get an American IP address. Also, Hulu may have recorded your IP or tagged your computer if you visited before and were blocked. Be sure to clear you browser cache and cookies before you start.

For now, Hulu is still unavailable outside the USA. When it expands (if it does), it will most likely be local TV shows much like they have done in Japan. If the English language, American version of Hulu is what you're after, then a VPN is the way to go.


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