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Watch Seesaw Outside The UK


United Kingdom

SeeSaw is a brand of streaming video that was developed in late 2009 and then shown in a trial period in February 2010. It streams video to users via Adobe Flash Player and also works on Android capable devices. It is an Internet connection for a TV platform designed to be used in the UK, and you can’t watch Seesaw outside the UK.


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Seesaw Starts with Lots of UK Content


When it first came out, Seesaw had a content agreement with BBC Worldwide and can show programs such as Doctor Who, Cranford, Larke Rise to Cranford, The Gadget Show and Footballer’s Wives to name a few. It also carries programs from UK Channel 4, ITV1, as well as made for TV films from RHI Entertainment, so it has become quite popular, but you can’t see this content or watch Seesaw anywhere but inside the UK.


Seesaw starts strong, then has problems


As of February 2010 Seesaw had more than 3,000 hours of free videos, as well as 1,000 hours of premium, paid services. With the addition of the paid services they added shows from MTV, Comedy Central and NBC Universal TV distribution. However it did lose some of its appeal due to financial issues and its content dropped to programs from BBC Worldwide and UK  Channel 5.


VPNs needed to watch outside the UK


To access this network while overseas, you will need to subscribe to a virtual private network, or VPN. These services provide a login and  password to a set of servers that will allow subscribers to login and appear as if their computer is located in the UK. There are several VPNs available with prices ranging from about $6 to $20 dollars per month.


Seesaw in 2011


Seesaw was bought in July 2011 by US investment firm of Criterion Capital, along with several other investors for more than 10 million pounds. This was to revitalize the site, but sadly, this has not yet occurred and they are said to still be experiencing problems. There is no other current information as to when or if Seesaw will resume and get its access to old programming or other channels at this time.


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