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Watch The Daily Show outside the USA


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If you are a fan of news, politics and comedy, you have probably seen The Daily Show and loved it. John Stewart and his team have successfully created a show that mocks the news in a way that is entertainment to most of its viewers.

Popular among college students and liberal adults, it is no wonder that these clips go viral on the internet. When a current event that people can relate to is featured on the show, people are instantly sharing it though social networks.

This has been made possible by these episodes being aired online. In fact this show is just as, if not more, popular because of online views then it is when aired on television. For those in America, it is second nature to be able to go online and watch The Daily Show. If you’ve tried to watch The Daily Show outside the USA, you may have run into some problems.

Because this show is mostly based around American current events, other countries have not been granted access to online videos. Whether you are an American overseas or someone who just loves the global news (and someone mocking it), there is a way to get around this. A VPN, or virtual private network, encodes your IP address to give you the appearance that you are from the US (or anywhere in the world). If you are trying to Watch The Daily Show outside the USA, all you would do is connect to a server in the USA with your VPN and you would be able to stream the videos instantly.

Hulu is a TV streaming service you might have heard of.  They've got tons of American programming including The Daily show. You can watch about five episodes for FREE (the newest episodes).  If you want to get access to all their TV programming, you'll have to sign up for Hulu Plus.  Some episodes are available on the Daily Show's website, but not all episodes.

If you're going to be watching TV on a smart phone like Android Phones or iPhone, get the PPTP version. Computers and laptops can use the same, but some opt for OpenVPN because of improved security features. I've compiled a list of my favorite VPN services which you can browse by clicking the link below. All of them have servers in the USA, and can access Hulu or the Daily Show's official website from outside the US.


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My current VPN Recommendation is HideMyAss! It's inexpensive, secure, and trustworthy, and they have one of the best mobile apps in the industry.