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Watch UK TV Overseas


United Kingdom


If you are a UK citizen or have visited or lived in The UK and love the programming on The UK channels, then you will be upset to know that if you are not in The UK, then you can’t see the programming on your computer. This is due to the fact that most programming meant for certain countries, such as streaming UK TV channels can only be streamed from The UK.  I'm sorry to say that you can’t watch UK TV overseas without a bit of help.

So, if you want to watch UK TV overseas you have to figure out how to make your IP address in your computer appear to be an IP address from The UK. That method is called a virtual private network or VPN. If you sign up for a VPN through one of the many VPN service providers, then your online traffic will go through their servers and so it will appear that you are logging in from The UK.

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Then, you can get all The UK channels you want for free over the Internet through BBC or ITV or Channel 4 or 5 or whichever ones that are available to a UK IP address. You can do this on a desktop, laptop or any mobile device that can hook to the Internet. All you need is a subscription to a VPN service.

Otherwise you are just going to get an error message saying the program is not available in your area.  For those that attempt to use a proxy, most sites will say that their streaming feature is unavailable for users connecting to the internet with a proxy.

A VPN is a secure route that gives the impression that you are in The UK (or other locations depending on the country server you are accessing).  Encryption and tunneling mean that you are not only safe online, but no one knows that you're using a VPN. With a British IP address provided by a VPN service, any UK website you go to will allow you to enter and view TV shows to your heart’s content.

A VPN also gives you added security when you are using WiFi and protects you from hackers or identity theft.

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A VPN is easy to setup and use as most services have simplified the process for newbie users. Plus, they usually are not that expensive – only a few dollars a month for a decent service.  Services vary, but in most cases, for watching UK TV overseas, a PPTP VPN will give you the fastest connection speed.  If security is your thing, then OpenVPN is the way to go. However, the security features of OpenVPN means that it may stream video slower than some other VPN protocols.

My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

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