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Watching The FIFA Club World Cup Through A VPN

FIFA Club World Cup

The FIFA Club World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is a hugely popular ports event and one of the best soccer competitions to watch. However, many people aren’t aware of a second event, the FIFA Club World Cup. The championship was founded in 2000 and has existed in its current format since 2006.

Seven teams compete in the cup each year and teams tend to qualify by winning their relevant continental competitions. This means that the teams at the FIFA Club World Cup tend to represent the best of the best, making the games exciting and to watch.

Personally I like soccer. It is a sport that involves a lot of skill and footwork, and there seems to be more control and less brute force than in a lot of other sports.

This year will be particularly interesting, because five out of the seven qualified teams have never participated at the FIFA Club world cup before. The format of the event is also interesting, because teams enter at different places in the event, with some starting off in the semi-finals, others in the quarter finals and others in the play offs for the quarter finals.

Online Streaming

The internet has become a fantastic place to watch sports events – particularly as there are so many different ones on at any given point in time. With enough searching, you can pretty much stream any sports event online, including many that local channels don’t choose to host.

This is particularly useful for obscure sports or ones that aren’t all that popular in your country.

However, there is a catch.

The internet isn’t really as universal as it seems, and there are quite a few restrictions in place about what you can watch and from where. Regional restriction plays a large role in this.

When you are online, you do so using an IP address that comes from your internet provider. This IP address provides an indication of your physical location in the world – and can use it as a way of blocking or allowing you to access certain content.

In practice, this means that you might not be able to access some content because of your physical location. Often this is for copyright reasons, so it is most common when you are trying to stream content, whether it is television programming or sports events.

You can’t manually change your IP address, so this issue can make it difficult to watch what you want to.

However, there is a way around the issue of regional restriction.

Using a VPN

VPNs are a common and very effective tool. I talk about them a lot, simply because they really are powerful. With a VPN, you connect to a secure network, one that protects your security and your privacy.

Part of this involves masking your IP address with the IP address of the VPN server that you connect to. By doing this, the VPN actually makes it look like you are living in a different part of the world entirely.

The trick is to connect to a VPN server that is where you want to appear to be. So, if you wanted to access content restricted to people living in the UK, you would specifically look for a provider that has VPN servers in this area. Thankfully, VPN providers tend to have a lot of options about the servers that you connect to, and often give you the flexibility to change server multiple times.

I have used a number of different VPN providers in the past and my personal favorite is a company called VyprVPN, who offers fantastic service and is very transparent about their policies and practices.

My current VPN Recommendation is HideMyAss! It's inexpensive, secure, and trustworthy, and they have one of the best mobile apps in the industry.

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