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When Will Hulu Be In Canada?


Please Visit The Updated Hulu in Canada Post.


Hulu VPN


Ha ha. Are you still asking when will Hulu be in Canada?  My answer to you is NEVER.

Ok, I don't really know what Hulu's planning to do, and I've got no association with their company, but the thing is that Hulu's been talking about moving to Canada for some time now, and they've yet to make any big moves.  Just a few years ago they had everything set up and signed to open up in Ireland and The UK.  Contracts failed at the last moment, and guess what, two years later you still can get Hulu in The UK.

If Hulu will be in Canada, and that's a big “IF”, you can bet on it being something like Netflix when it opened its Canadian branch in 2009. Lame.  Canadians were disappointed to find out that the Netflix service offered to them was much different than what was available to US members. Fewer movies, Fewer TV shows, and longer waits for New Releases.  I imagine it will be something like that with Hulu.

So what can you do? Easy. Get a VPN.  If you like American TV, but live in Canada, a VPN will allow you to access the Hulu site.  They give you a temporary American IP and you can stream video from Hulu, even though you're not in The USA.  You never have to download virus-ridden torrents, wait for TV to broadcast, or scour the Internet for illegal and crappy versions of your favorite shows. That's what's so cool about VPNs.


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