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Access Showtime Outside the US

showtime is an American website with a bunch of original shows like Weeds, Dexter, Californication, and Nurse Jackie, as well as sports and an impressive movie database. However, only U.S. residents can access its content and whenever they try to enter the site from outside the U.S., the site will display a User and Registered User Eligibility page and deny access. This happens because can pinpoint visitors’ exact locations by their computers’ IP addresses. is unable to show its content to people outside of the U.S. due to copyright restrictions.


Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to access Showtime anywhere. A virtual private network service can change IP addresses so that people appear to be in the U.S. This is because they connect users, for a low monthly fee, to servers based in the U.S. There are a handful of VPN services that can help users access Showtime anywhere, and the best of these offer unlimited bandwidth so that users can stream as much content as they would like. A VPN service is truly the best solution to watching the best shows and movies on the Internet, no matter a user’s location!


+ Recommended VPN Service for Showtime


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