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BolehVPN Review

BolehVPN Review

In a world filled with hackers, cybercriminals, and blocked online content, a VPN is a necessity. Luckily, people are starting to realize that, and the industry has been growing steadily in the past few years.

One of the field’s offerings is BolehVPN. Far from being an elite option, it can be a useful security app because of its tight privacy measures and policies, robust encryption, and trustworthy nature. However, the service has some flaws, as you are about to discover. It has poor customer service, a low number of servers and locations, and only a one-day free trial. Nevertheless, it good speeds make it a worthwhile option to try.

Pricing and plans

While BolehVPN’s monthly price is not particularly cheap, it remains perfectly affordable and in line with the industry’s standards at $9.99. A good offering is the possibility to pay a week of use as a trial for a total of $3.70.

As it happens with the majority of VPN service providers on the web, BolehVPN drops down its price as the customer’s commitment is longer. Acquiring the annual subscription means a 33% discount, as the monthly equivalent of the billed amount will be $6.67.

BolehVPN Prices

Keeping up with recent trends, BolehVPN accepts anonymous payments, specifically via the Bitcoin and Dash cryptocurrencies. There is also the possibility to pay with credit and debit cards.

Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee

A free trial and a money-back guarantee are necessary elements that most VPN apps that pride themselves on being reliable and modern should offer to their client base. They provide an “escape” if the customer is not satisfied with the service.

In that subject, BolehVPN loses a few points of its otherwise solid service, because users can only enjoy a one-day free trial. Also, the feature may be a hassle, since the system asks for a signup and an email to the sales team to activate the no-cost testing “period.”

Additionally, there is no guarantee that BolehVPN will return the client’s money once payment has been processed. A potential customer will only have one day to determine if he, or she, wants to hire this VPN app.

Sign Up and Client

The process to singup is straightforward and doesn’t require much time or effort. A noteworthy detail: the system doesn’t ask you for payment in the registration process. The only necessary bits of data are email and name. There are incentives for referrals.

After the user has completed the registration process, BolehVPN will send an email with the login credentials. The username and the password are necessary to apply for a free trial. When the VPN account has been configured, the customer can download and install the app or client in its suitable device.

It is very easy to configure, and it isn’t too complicated. There is the chance to administrate connections, and to see the bandwidth and use stats, and also the connection details.

Features that can be found on the Windows client are DNS leak protection, a kill switch, and proxy settings. As for the website, the design is simple but nice, and navigability is evident. It shows order history, customer support, and other sections. It has a warrant canary.


BolehVPN has several exciting features that would entice privacy-conscious users to acquire its services. For starters, it has an auto-connect service available, as well as a DNS leak protection and a kill switch.

BolehVPN Features

While it doesn’t allow to connect five or six simultaneous devices like some of the top VPN options, BolehVPN provides the option to enjoy two gadgets at the same time under the same account.

The VPN client can be configured with six different types, including Proxied, Fully Routed, and Streaming. Users can also implement the VPN encryption through Tor for enhanced privacy and online security.

BolehVPN hosts popular online games and its more than acceptable speeds are good for Netflix, Youtube, and other multimedia libraries and platforms around the world.


One knock against the BolehVPN’s service is that it doesn’t have a big server network. In fact, it is considered a weakness instead of being even average: the amount of total virtual servers is very low and it limits performance.

In total, it has servers in 13 nations around the globe. Some of the most noteworthy locations are the United States, Canada, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. There are servers in critical Asian areas, too.

Speed and performance

While BolehVPN is not the speediest VPN in the market, it rates quite well in the category. It won’t blow your mind, but it isn’t unusable, either. You can say that it is slightly above average considering the rest of the industry.

Downloads can be completed in a short period of time, and while you will notice a slight connection slowdown, it isn’t significant at all. You can enjoy Netflix and other streaming services with few issues.

The thing about BolehVPN’s speeds is that they aren’t consistent when it comes to different locations. For example, the Germany server is super fast, but the UK-based one, not so much.

Regarding performance, there are no notable problems with DNS and IPv6 leaks, so the encryption protocols and technologies are trustworthy.

Privacy and Encryption

BolehVPN is based on the Seychelles Islands, so there are no data retention laws or annoying authorities’ persecutions regarding users’ data logs. But there aren’t privacy concerns in that nation, either. There is a no logging policy in place.

BolehVPN Communication

Users can select their preferred protocol between OpenVPN and the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP.) BolehVPN also offers proxy servers, specifically HTTPS and SOCKS and supports P2P activity. An xCloak feature is provided as well.

Customer Service

One of the most notable weaknesses of the BolehVPN service is the poor customer service it offers. Not only is the live chat feature (a must-have in the industry these days) very rudimentary, but there isn’t even responsive email support.

For asking questions, you need to verify that you are, indeed, a BolehVPN client. The “not so live” chat feature is dependent on whether a support agent shows up after you receive your ticket. The email service can take hours and even days to respond.

There is, however, a useful troubleshooting guide that will, most likely, solve your issue way faster than the actual support staff.

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