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Can I get a VPN Account with CashU?

CashU LogoYes.

Focused on the region of North Africa and the Middle East, CashU is another type of online payment processing site.  Though like other sites in the same niche, you're bound to find a few unique VPN sites that offer CashU payment options but not others.

The way the site works is that you fund your free CashU account using your bank, cash, or with prepaid cards.  The exact location of where you do this will vary based on country, but the main idea is to get money into the online account.  It's a great way to buys stuff on the internet without actually having a credit card.

CashU provides a secure way to pay for stuff online.  They've got a list of approved merchants, some of which are VPN service providers.

Of the VPN services we feature on Mr. VPN there aren't many that offer CashU as an option, but we'll be sure to add more as we discover them.

…or you can try some other great VPN services.

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