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Get an IP Address from The UK

United Kingdom

Are you frustrated with using the internet outside of the UK? Are you tired of missing out on your favorite BBC programs? Are you running into firewall after firewall just trying to maintain the same access that you had at home?

Getting a UK IP when you’re abroad isn’t just possible it’s actually quite easy. There are many different services out there that provide a UK IP address as part of their service. While some VPN services focus exclusively on UK customers, providing only access to UK servers, I think it's better to get a more ‘international' service, with a strong presence in the UK.

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Watch How a VPN Works


VPNs can be used to access just about any website, from any country. With many of the more popular and larger VPN services, you also get access to US servers within the same package (with free switching), which also means you'll be able to unblock sites like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and other US streaming websites. If that doesn't interest you, you can still use your Virtual Private Network connection to stream UK TV and the extra servers won't affect you.

There's nothing wrong with a few extra options, right?

VPNs do more than provide you with a way to access content from overseas. They are also used for privacy and security. Changing your IP doesn't just make streaming websites think you are in the UK, it also means that your current internet service provider will be unable to track, log, or access your online activity.

This could be useful for someone living in the Middle East or China, where governments can use your private internet information against you, or it could be useful in the UK & western world, where governments are currently trying to gain more control over the flow of information online.

And even more so, VPNs can use this IP change + data encryption (all VPN connections use data encryption in some form) to secure your data transfers while connecting to the internet at public places. Below is my recommended VPN service because of the large number of IP addresses and VPN servers.

VyprVPN iPhone VPNUpdate 2014: For those looking for a UK IP specifically for privacy and security, I would suggest you check out VyprVPN (links to review). VyprVPN has proven to be a service committed to quality, and has made many improvements to their VPN network and services they provide in the last 2 years.

They added cool features like encrypted text messaging for smartphone users, 10-50GB free online storage for VPN subscribers, Chameleon for users in China/Middle East and other government restricted internet zones, and VyprDNS. Some packages also include a free NAT Firewall with your subscription.

They also maintain and write all their VPN servers/VPN software, as well as have a very transparent set of privacy policies.

Hide My Ass

HMA logoAnother great VPN is HMA. Their ProVPN service offers 70+ separate countries with tens of thousands of IP’s including many UK IP addresses to choose from. They have a very good app for Windows users, and a good track record with many VPN users.

>>> Full HMA Review @MrVPN

My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

Check out my reviews for them here: HideMyAss | PureVPN