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HideIPVPN Review


HideIPVPN, despite being a little less well-known than other VPN services, provides a set of unique features that definitely provide some advantages over other VPN services out there.  They may not have the most servers and IP addresses out there, and they may not be the cheapest, but there is definitely some cool stuff about them.

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Standard features of Hide IP VPN


  • PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, and OpenVPN available
  • $6 – $10 per month price range
  • Servers in US, UK, NL, CA and DE
  • Works on all major devices and operating systems

There's not much to write home about there, but there are some cool features that while available on some other VPN service, should be mentioned in this Hide IP VPN review


Cool stuff about HideIPVPN


These features are not unique to HideIPVPN, but not all VPN services have these features. Good job HideIPVPN!

  • Free Server Switching
  • Discounts for 6 and 12 month contracts
  • Packages include several VPN protocols
  • P2P & Torrents allowed
  • No Server Logs (to maintain anonymity)
  • Unlimited bandwidth

★ HideIPVPN's “Application Killer” is a very cool thing for torrent users. Basically, it sets your VPN up so that torrents ONLY download while you are connected with the VPN. That means if you drop a VPN connection, your downloads get ‘killed' too. This means you never have to worry about exposing your real IP.


What makes HideIPVPN BETTER


These features are 100% unique to HideIPVPN.

  • FREE 3 hour Trial Account
  • Proxy included in each package ***
  • 12 month discount means you get a VPN for $4.5 USD per month
  • 100 FREE accounts available every month
  • SmartDNS Option (see below)


Sign Up Here →

***A proxy being included in each package is a big thing, and may be the main selling point for Hide IP VPN.  Having a proxy included means you'll be able to hide your IP address at work and school, or on your mobile devices where you can't install the VPN.  Even on public computers, because a web based proxy is accessed from your web browser and doesn't need to be installed, you'll be able to unblock sites and surf anonymously.  I'm currently paying for a proxy and a VPN – it's too bad I didn't know about Hide IP VPN earlier.


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About SmartDNS


For those who are focused on streaming TV from the US or UK, SmartDNS is for you. VPNs have multiple applications, and a full VPN services is best for someone that downloads torrents, wants privacy online, or needs the security of VPN encryption. For changing your IP to stream TV from overseas. You can use SmartDNS on MORE devices like TV, PC, Mac, game console, phone, tablet, media player (and more), and access MORE streaming sites like the ones below

SmartDNS is available as a stand-alone package or you can get it for free when you sign up for any VPN package. This it allows you to stream the following services without the use of a VPN




Test SmartDNS for Free Here →



What you might not like


  • P2P is limited to DE and NL servers, and not available on all packages
  • No mention of a money back guarantee
  • Limited accounts due to limited server availability
  • No SSTP or IKEv2 protocols available
  • Waiting a long time for Live Support + Live Support malfunction


HideIPVPN has made some positive changes within the last year and I have improved their rating because of it. They have a very unique features that will appeal to some privacy advocates and content consumers. If you sign up for HideIPVPN, please return and share your experiences with us.


Sign Up for HideIPVPN Here →

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September 08, 2011

4/5 stars

VPN Service


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