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How to Remain Anonymous on The Internet?

The birth of the internet brought greater convenience into our lives. It opened up better outlets so we could communicate with others around the world more easily. It allowed shoppers to buy stuff easily from the comforts of their homes. Entertainment lovers can stream their favorite content easily on any device. Students can watch lectures and do research, all thanks to the internet.

But while it brought greater convenience into our lives, it took plenty of stuff away from us. Things that we thought for granted have been taken away without our permission. Our private lives are no longer private, and even our financial data can easily fall into the hands of robbers and thieves.


The Dangers of Connectivity Age

Before the internet was there, the only way to hack our money was to steal our wallet or rob the bank or someone’s home. The internet has brought greater convenience to the art of robbing too. Modern thieves no longer have to take the risk of robbing a bank. They can steal as much money as they want easily from the comforts of their home.

The art of spying also received a boost, thanks to the internet. Modern intelligence agencies no longer have to send human spies in every neighborhood. They can easily spy on their own people and foreigners alike thanks to the connectivity offered by the internet.

Every device that we are using and which is connected to the internet is probably being used by spying agencies to monitor whatever that we do. Our webcams and cellphone cameras are recording our every activity, even undressing and dressing up, for organizations like the NSA and the FBI. Our online searches are being recorded by Google and Facebook and all of our web activities are being logged somewhere so it could be sold to an advertiser who wants to send us personalized ads.

The internet can be a harmful medium if we don’t keep ourselves anonymous and safe. But how can we keep ourselves anonymous when our very own ISP is involved in spying on our web activities? There is a way and it’s pretty convenient too.

How to Be Anonymous on the Web?

Tools have existed since many years to keep us anonymous on the web. Tor was the first ever tool in this respect that could keep our online activities anonymous on the web. It uses nodes to send our online traffic through multiple servers in order to keep it sort of encrypted on the web.

Though it was pretty popular a decade ago, Tor has lost its touch in the past many years. There are many vulnerabilities in the Tor system that can be exposed by hackers and surveillance agencies alike. Major surveillance agencies, including the FBI, keep regular checks over all people using Tor, even if they are aren’t suspected of any crimes.

It is safer to avoid using Tor and use a more modern cybersecurity tool instead. We always recommend VPN as a tool that can keep you completely anonymous on the web. VPNs come in many different shapes and forms. The best ones, like PureVPN, have servers around the globe, and every server is equipped with features that can keep you anonymous and secure on the web.

Modern VPN services, like PureVPN, offer encryption to their users. This is no ordinary encryption, but military-grade which is impossible to crack even by the most experienced of hackers. Your online activities remain completely anonymous thanks to these amazing encryption standards.

Furthermore, online security tools like DDoS protection, Internet Kill Switch, and Anti-Malware features keep you further secure and anonymous on the web. Even when you’re not using encryption, your web activities remain anonymous on the VPN server because of the camouflage a VPN offers to its users. With hundreds of people connected to the VPN servers, it is impossible to detect one from the other, and your online activities remain anonymous in this case.

This is not all. VPNs also offer greater online freedom by letting you avoid censorships and blockages in your country. Any website that is banned in your country is accessible via a VPN. Even online channels that are geo-restricted can be accessed with ease by using a VPN.

In stranger times like these, VPN brands like PureVPN shine as the ray of hope that is needed to help keep our privacy intact and our private information secure and safe. So, while you are browsing the web, always make sure to remain under the umbrella of a popular VPN brand like PureVPN.

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