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Pay for a VPN Service using UKash

UKash LogoI just found out about UKash recently, and I can't say how widely available it is because I'm in The US, where it's currently unavailable. However, the anonymity of UKash will definitely appeal to VPN users in the countries where it is available – which is actually across the globe on all six continents (It's a UK based company).

This is how it works.

You take your cash to a local UKash vendor, probably a convenient store or post office – somewhere where you can exchange certificates for money.  You hand over your cash, and they give you a receipt with a code.  This code can then be redeemed online through your UKash account, and then you can use this money to buy stuff.

It's a great way to make limited purchases online, which is even better for security.  Why risk the 10K in your bank account when you use your personal debit card or Paypal account when you can put in $50 dollars, pay for a year of VPN service, and bet done with it.

There aren't many VPN services that accept UKash currency, but the ones I know are listed here.

Or you can consider using another payment method though another VPN service.


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