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Pay for a VPN service via Google Checkout

Google Checkout LogoIt should surprise no one that Google is getting in on this e-commerce thing, and now has their own e-commerce site called Google Checkout.  And no one should be surprised when Google starts to dominate online shopping in the next few years.

Actually, I had never heard of Google Checkout before doing the research for this “Ways To Pay For VPN” article series, so Google must not be working very hard to advertise just yet.  I'm sure they will soon.  And I had to look hard to find VPN vendors that actually accept Google Checkout as a method of payment.  There are some, but they're just the bigger ones so far.


My guess is that Google Checkout will surpass Paypal in the next year or two as the main system of online and IRL payment through virtual wallets.  Google tends to do that.

Using Google checkout could be a bit off-putting for VPN users because you can bet you butt that your Google wallet will be tied to your Gmail account, your Google+ profile, and all other Google services you use.  Next time you use your smartphone to buy a Coke you'll start seeing Coke adverts when you log into Gmail.


Still, no one can deny the ability of Google to stay ahead of the curve, and I'll probably end up using it just because it's easier.  Here are some VPN services that currently accept Google Checkout as a method of payment to access VPN servers.


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