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Pay for a VPN service with Paysafecard

paysafecard logoThere are a number of companies that provide services similar to Paysafe Card, so I guess it depends on where you are, whether or not you'll be familiar and have access to a Paysafe Card point.  Paysafe Card is a way to make online purchases without actually needing a credit card number or other type of online transaction account.

You use cash to purchase a PIN as your local Paysafe Card point – convenient store or wherever – and then you can use that PIN to buy stuff online.  You can only use as much money you charged that PIN with, and then you need a new one.  It's great for one time, anonymous purchases.

It's also great for security because you don't allow sites to access your bank accounts or other financial data.  This also protects you from potential malware/hacks like when Sony got hacked a while back and people's credit cards were exposed.  Who cares if someone finds our expired, useless, spent PIN?

Paysafe Card isn't the most widely accepted form of Payment in the VPN world, but some services do allow you to purchase accounts in this way.  Here's one…I'm looking for more, and I'll add them when I find them!

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