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Pay For My VPN Service With Skrill (Moneybookers)

Skrill Moneybookers Logo

Currently operating under two names, the new Skrill (old Moneybookers) tops Paypal, Payza (AlertPay), and Liberty Reserve with 200 countries and 41 currencies for its e-commerce site.  I've never used the site personally, but I see their logo everywhere.

If you're familiar with Moneybookers, then you'll know that there are a variety of applications available with their service, including prepaid credit cards, as well as both personal and business solutions for online purchases.  Exchange currencies, use a virtual wallet, and transfer money around the world.

Obviously, you can also pay for a VPN service with Moneybookers. I'm still calling them that because their logo has yet to be changed on the VPN sites, and Skrill is usually “The Future”.  Personally, I think it's an odd choice for a name, especially considering the popularity or Skrillex, but whatever floats your boat.

Here are some of my favorite VPN services that accept Money Bookers.  But don't forget to read the ratings for the Top VPN services and their reviews so you don't get stuck with a VPN service you don't like.


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