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Pay for VPN through Alipay (ZhiFuBao) and Union Pay

Alipay Logo

I'm going to kill 2 birds with one stone on this one, and cover two types of payment through Chinese channels.  One is called Alipay, and one is called Union Pay.  Though both have a global presence, it's clear that their market is predominantly Chinese.  I also know this because I live in China and have accounts at both.

Union Pay LogoI didn't even realize you could pay for stuff online through these guys!

Instead of an Alipay Logo you may see it listed as ZhiFuBao (their Chinese name), so be sure to look for both if you're trying to purchase your VPN plan with this method.  Union Pay is much more widely accepted, but you've still got to look around if you really want to use this card.  Here are sites for both.

Alipay (ZhiFuBao)

Union Pay

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