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Software to Unblock Sites

Throughout the world, censorship has developed as a significant factor that limits the amount of internet content that users can access.

Although censorship was once only prevalent in countries that experienced large amounts of political repression, it has since began to be important even in Western democracies.

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This is why many users have turned to software to unblock sites, because this approach provides a way for people to entirely get around any censorship, and gain access to websites that were previously blocked.

One of the most significant examples of proposed censorship in developed democracies is the proposals for copyright law that have been proposed in many countries, including the United States.

These laws differ between countries, but have focused on approaches to protect the assets of people who hold copyrights. One of the main focuses of these laws are on peer-to-peer download sites and torrent programs, which are commonly used to share illegal files.

While this might not sound concerning, the problem with these laws is that they suggest that sites should be censored if they allow users to download illegal files. This has the potential not only to include torrent websites, like The Pirate Bay, but also sites that offer the ability for users to share files, but do not focus on allowing illegal downloads.

The development of these laws have been strongly critiqued by advocates of freedom of speech. Many people argue that the beginning of censorship, any form of censorship, is the start of a slippery slope, which can lead to the government censoring things just because it feels like it.

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Another country where censorship has been increasing has been Australia, so much so that the group Reporters without Borders has placed Australia on its Under Surveillance list. The censorship in Australia has been focused around the concept of protecting children from things on the internet that may be harmful to them, such as violent or sexual content.  The problem is, censorship is not an effective method of protecting children, especially as the younger generation is much more adept with technology than their older counterparts.

If you live in a part of the world where censorship is prevalent, or even where there are just a few examples of censorship, you can use software to unblock sites. A VPN gives you the ability to access websites that would normally be restricted to you through censorship, which gives you a lot more freedom.


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