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Use Bitcoin to Pay for my VPN Service Provider




What Bitcoin is and how it works is a bit of a new concept for me, and I've yet to get my head completely around it.  What I do know however, is that it's more anonymous than any other form of payment, so it's no wonder that VPN services that allow payments with Bitcoin are in demand because of the privacy and anonymity of Bitcoin.  Still, Bitcoin is not well known, and certainly not very popular, so few VPN services allow it.

There are some that do have Bitcoin as a payment choice, and here are a couple popular ones (see below).  It's always tough striking a balance between quality service and anonymity though.

While big VPN companies can offer things like unlimited bandwidth, huge server networks, live support, and other great service features, these things usually come at a cost to your privacy.  They won't keep activity logs, but they do keep timestamps, which means at the end of the day, if they want to figure out what you're doing online, they can.

This usually results from doing something illegal, and their VPN IP gets nailed for the activity.  With a time frame for this activity, it's easy to see which VPN account was using that IP, and of course they have your personal information from your account.  Of course, you paid for your VPN service with a credit card or Paypal account, which is connected to your bank, which has records of your physical address.

At the end of the day, these VPN services are for increased privacy online, not 100% anonymity. Most VPN services say that they won't ‘sell you out', but these practices are important to protecting the integrity of the network.  I tend to agree with them, but many privacy enthusiasts don't agree.

You may be unimpressed initially (terrible site design) by some of the sites below, but that doesn't mean they don't deliver when it comes to your privacy.  Keep in mind “no-frills”, and keep your eye on key features like privacy policies, logging policies, and what type of information they require to sign up.

Whatever your position is, paying with Bitcoin can increase your anonymity online, meaning that your personal data, including money accounts won't be associated with your VPN account.

Below are some good VPN services you can trust that also offer Bitcoin, or you can read up more how Bitcoin works at


We Use Coins

This Week in Startups (Bitcoin Episode) *YouTube Video

There are currently a few services I know of that offer Bitcoins as an option for payment.  We currently don't have a review up of these services at Mr. VPN, but we're working on it!  You can check out their official sites below.

You can also continue reading about our Top Rated VPN services for a wider range of selection and payment options.


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