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VPN for Apple TV


VPN for Apple TV


Apple TV:


The latest Apple TV is a  3rd generation digital media receiver from Apple Inc.  Apple TV  is small form factor networking device that allows you to stream digital content from the Internet to your widescreen high-definition television, Mac, or computer. You can stream digital content from various media sources which includes YouTube, iTunes Stores, Hulu Plus, Netflix,, Flickr, NBA League Pass, NHL GameCenter, iCloud and many more websites.


The freedom of Internet is being curtailed in many ways. Today, majority of media websites have  geo-restrictions that prevent  people  from other countries to access the content. For example,  Apple TV users from other countries than US are not allowed to access all content(movies, television shows) listed on Hulu Plus website.

The geo-restriction is applicable even if you are a  premium member of Hulu Plus. The only way to bypass geo-restriction is accessing content through VPN  from you Apple TV.  By using VPN, you can watch content from  media websites from any country. The second advantage of using VPN with Apple TV is the connection between your Apple TV and media website is secured.

Your ISP or the media website you are accessing will never know you have by-passed their geo-restriction filters, so you can continue to enjoy viewing content from any media website without being bothered of geo-restrictions.


Steps to setup VPN connection on Apple TV:


Things you will need

  • VPN service
  • A laptop or MacBook with wireless and RJ45 port
  • Wireless Internet connection(through a router or ISP provider)
  • Cross-over Ethernet cable


Setting up Apple TV to use VPN connection:


  • On Apple TV, go to the Settings->General->Network
  • Select Ethernet
  • Go to Settings > General > iTunes Store > Location (Note: Select appropriate location. If you want to watch media content that is  only available to US viewers,  select location as US)
  • Return back to  main screen


How to connect Apple TV through VPN in Mac OS?


  • Navigate to System Preferences-> Sharing
  • Locate the Internet sharing option. (Note: Ensure there is no checkmark in the box besides Internet Sharing option.)
  • In “Share your connection from:” select “AirPort” from the drop list
  • Check the “Ethernet” option in “To computers using”
  • Now connect Apple TV to Mac with an Ethernet cable.  You can connect to your US iTunes account even if you are connecting from other country.


How to connect Apple TV through VPN in Windows 7?


  • Navigate to Control Panel->Network and Internet Sharing
  • Click “Manage Wireless Network’s” link
  • Click your Wireless connection->Adaptor Properties
  • Click the Sharing tab


Tick “Allow Other Network Users to Connect through This Computer Connection


Top 5 VPN Services World Wide


My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

Check out my reviews for them here: HideMyAss | PureVPN

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