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Best VPN For Mac – Top 4 + Reviews

best mac vpn

Top Four Recommended VPN services for Mac

Taking your Mac with you anywhere is convenient, but also poses a risk to your private information. Connecting to wifi at Starbucks or even at school means that other users could be viewing or even intercepting your data. And traveling with your Macbook means that some services you normally are able to access (like iTunes, Netlflix) might not be available! Connecting to a VPN can give you a private, secure IP address from just about any country in the world.


HMA logo1. Hide My Ass

HMA is a popular choice on Mr.VPN because they have a huge selection of IPs, servers, and country locations (currently 75 countries). The desktop app is pretty awesome, and it's easy to flip around between servers if one is having a problem or slow for whatever reason.

Best of all, they come with a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can basically test them out for a whole month.

—–> Full Review of HMA

—–> Try HMA for 30 days


12vpn review2. 12VPN

12VPN made number two because of the simplicity of setup and use. Even OpenVPN protocols can be downloaded and set up in less than ten minutes, making this the quickest way to get started, get anonymous, change your IP address, and go about your business.

12VPN has the most comprehensive availability of VPN protocols, so if you can't find it somewhere else, you can probably find it here. Nokia users? Go here. They have custom VPNs for users in The Middle East and Asia, so if you find that there's a lot of blocked VPN services in your area (China, Middle East), GO HERE (alternate site).  Super friendly service is another reason they got ranked so high, and their customer service team gets a 11/10 for speed, efficiency, and attitude.

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—–> 12VPN Official Site


PandaPow iPhone VPN

3. PandaPow

This is a bit of a “sleeper hit” in the VPN world. I don't see a lot of write-ups about PandaPow, but they've been one of my favorites since around 2011 when I was in China and there were just starting to crack down on Facebook, Twitter, etc. PandaPow was one of the services that remained active even when the government shut down VPN services during the anniversary of the communist party.

Aside from all that, they have great apps, a fast VPN, and a decent variety of VPN services. Oh, and great customer service.  An all around solid choice here.

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—–> Try PandaPow for 7 days