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Watch Hulu in Canada




Despite Hulu being around for almost 6 years now, we're still unable to watch Hulu in Canada. It's my personal opinion that Hulu is a great market to move into. From what I've read online US shows are extremely popular in Canada. Netflix is already there and doing great.


What's taking Hulu so long?


It's impossible to tell. My guess is that contracts are tied up somewhere and not going through unless someone's palms are greased, revenues are increased, or prices are raised. Until that point, Hulu is going to be locked for Americans.


The Netflix Story


Back before Netflix actually opened up in Canada there were tons of Canadians accessing the site via proxy and VPN services. Even half a decade later, after Netflix launched a Canadian version, this is still going on via VPN (proxies have since been blocked).

The fact is that even though the Canadian version of Netflix is popular, there are many TV shows and movies that are not available, or have delayed releases in Canada. The American version is just better. I think that we could probably expect something similar if Hulu was to launch something similar. The fact is that the only way to stop people from accessing the site from outside the USA would be to give them access to the US version.


Proxies VS VPN


Services like Hotspot Shield and proxy servers were popular in 2009, but quickly faded as Hulu found ways to block them. There is nothing illegal about jumping Hulu's firewalls, but it doesn't mean they want to make it easy for you to access the site.

VPNs and proxies are different types of software, and each service is different. Your best chances of accessing Hulu in Canada are going to be with a reliable, professional grade VPN service. They avoid a few pitfalls that can either prevent you from having access to the site or lowering the quality of your stream.


Having a professional grade VPN as opposed to a free service, or a limited version with bandwidth/server restrictions can mean that the IP addresses you use have already been exposed as ‘shared IPs' The could cause Hulu to block your access. You need a fresh stream of private IPs to choose from.

Having free server switching is also important. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, an IP or a server just won't click with Hulu. Being able to start fresh is good. Clear your cookies, browser cache, restart your browser, and sign into a new VPN server. Having multiple US VPN servers to choose from, and the ability to switch any number of times is crucial for long term success watching Hulu in Canada.


Recommended Services


→ Here's my #1 pick. It's cheap, reliable, and has tons of US servers.

→ Here's another option. It's also cheap, with a good number of options in the US.

→ Here's a full list of VPN services to try out if you do not like the choices above.


The Future of Hulu in Canada


My idea is that Hulu can team up with the NHL -not to present hockey, but to prevent the NHL from broadcasting in Canada. Apparently the less hockey there is in Canada, the more American TV shows Canadian's watch! Though, if Hulu could somehow acquire the rights to any kind of hockey shows, that would work too.



My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

Check out my reviews for them here: HideMyAss | PureVPN