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What is And Why Should You Use It?

vpn tv

VPNs have a number of functions: Security, Privacy, and Unblocking websites. As an owner of a VPN website, I harp on these things all the time.

  • Protect your privacy!
  • Protect your security!
  • Access any website!

But when I find myself at the local Starbucks or traveling and stuck in an airport for 3 hours, I don't always use my VPN app. Why?

I'm lazy.

Also, to be honest, sometimes a VPN really does slow down my connection, and when I'm on crappy wifi I need every kilobyte of speed I can get.

So lately, I've been using browser based VPNs. Though the security features are not as advanced as a PPTP, L2TP, or OpenVPN, they are generally faster. And though they are not able to access as many sites, again, the speed and convenience is worth a lot to me when I'm bored to tears watching Netflix in Terminal 3.

But not all browser based VPNs are the same!

In fact, if you have to log into *anything*, you might as well be using the app. I prefer to use a Chrome extension called

zenmate hola

There are a few Chrome extensions that are similar to, including Hola and Zenmate. Hola, being a free extension, will never have the same functionality as a paid service like, and because Zenmate is a Norton product (also free), they will not support unblocking streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu.

In essence, is the best of both worlds, giving speed, reliability, and cool features.

It's $29/year, which is about 8 cents per day for privacy, security, and access to all your favorite websites regardless of where you are in the world. I even spoke to the guys that make and they said that if a website you are trying to access doesn't work with the extension, they can push an update to get you access!

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My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

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